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Lime Rendering

Plaster conservation is an important part of our work, both conservation of ornamental plasterwork and conservation of simpler but historically important plastering.

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External Lime Pointing
Lime Mortar Rendered Wall
Lime Mortar Rendered Wall

Professional Application

Pointing a wall with lime allows moisture to evaporate away. This makes a real difference to the internal humidity of the building.

Our experienced lime renderers first remove failed or inappropriate pointing and use their honed building techniques to administer fresh lime pointing. This allows the building to breathe and expel moisture, creating a much more comfortable atmosphere inside the building and helps combat damp problems.

On request, we can match both the style and colour to suit your home to ensure that we provide a full lime pointing service that you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

Specialist Lime Rendering
Preservation with Lime Render
Preservation with Lime Render
Shelter Coating in Lime
Shelter Coating in Lime

Protection Against Damp

Lime rendering is a superb way to restore a building and allow it to breathe.

A lime rendered finish is both durable and beautiful and helps pre 1900 buildings remain dry and healthy.

Older buildings such as those made from cob and stone have no damp proof course and often suffer from moisture wicking up from the ground so a lime finish enables the building to shed such moisture through evaporation. This provides a comfortable space internally as the lime helps regulate moisture vapour, rather than harbouring a clammy atmosphere.

When undertaking a lime rendering project, we strip and repair the area before applying a key or scat coat followed by three coats of lime render. We use two base coats which have plenty of hair in to add tensile durability and a sponged top coat to leave your walls looking beautiful and smooth.

Lime Advice & Site Surveys
Lime plastering and refurbishment
Lime Plastering & Refurbishment
Damp Cement Render
Damp Cement Render

Building Conservation Assessments

If you’re thinking about buying a property built before 1900, it’s a good idea to seek impartial advice to help you assess likely maintenance and repair costs.

Having completed many building renovations and restoration projects in Lancashire, Cumbria and throughout the UK, L.J Richards has a reputation to be proud of.  Knowing how best to maintain your building and how to spot any issues as they occur could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Some of our lime work is the removal of external cement renders and replacement with lime renders. After an initial survey, we can provide you with a report detailing what work will be necessary over what time period, the price range that you can expect to pay, and the priority that each item of work should take.

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