There is no better recommendation than from our customers…

Lee replaced the lime plaster on my 180 year old stone cottage when I set out on my renovation project in 2012. Three years later I continue to love these natural lime washed walls. Lee is a long experienced lime plasterer of old stone properties and dedicated to retaining the natural breathability of their structure. He demonstrated a sound knowledge and understanding of his craft and materials when working with me.

We remain in touch today and he often tells me about the latest specialist workshop he has attended, the apprentice under his wing, the best suppliers of natural materials in the UK and how he has recently refined the hair content of his plaster to achieve a finer finish for his clients.

Garstang, Lancashire - Private Homeowner
L. J. Richards provided finishing lime plaster work on both the interior and exterior of my home in the summers of 2008 and 2009. The finished lime plastering was exemplary.
Brocklehurst - Private Homeowner