Frequently Asked Questions About Lime

Why Lime?

Lime is a low impact low energy building material.

Is Lime a green product?

Lime is a “green” product.
It’s natural porusity allows a building to breathe – unlike hard brittle cementious materials.

Benefits of using lime?

Lime plaster reduces condensation and controls humidity.

Is Lime friendly to the environment?

Lime has 97% less CO2 emissions then cement.
Lime sets by carbonisation – reabsorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Can lime be recycled?

Lime is fully recyclable and can be removed easily and reused.

Do you use other natural building materials?

Clay, Earth, Cob and other natural materials can also be used.

Even More Benefits

These days we spend more time indoors then any other time in history. There has never been a more important time to make home living as healthy as and environmentally friendly as possible.