What is Scagliola?

  • Definition: Scagliola (from the Italian scaglia, meaning ‘chips’), is a technique for producing stucco columns, sculptures, and other architectural elements that resemble marble. The Scagliola technique came into fashion in 17th century Tuscany as an effective substitute for costly marble inlays, the pietra dura works created for the Medici family in Florence.

    Scagliola is a composite substance made from selenite, glue and natural pigments, imitating marble and other hard stones. The material may be veined with colors and applied to a core, or desired pattern may be carved into a previously prepared scagliola matrix.

Specialist Marble Plasterer

“I trained in Florence, Italy with Alessandro Bianchi learning the ancient art of Scagliola which is a highly coloured/gypsum plaster with a look of marble. It can be inscribed and inlaid with all different types of colours to any specific design.”

“A video of myself demonstrating the technique to Scagliola Marble Plastering, filmed in Italy.”

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